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We design beautiful & world-class user experiences for mobile apps and websites with usability at the core.

Design needs to communicate with human behavior; it should be the base for problem solving. Design must click a thought & evoke an emotional response. Product designs should bring excitement, fun and beauty to people’s lives.

What make people passionate are great experiences. If they have great experience with your product, they are going to be passionate about your brand and committed to it. That’s how you build that kind of trust and scale.

White space is to be regarded as an active element, not a passive background. Jan Tschichold

One of our strongest areas is our UX & UI know-how. Your mobile app & web presence are an extension of your business and service. We take care to retain the integrity of your company image, and make sure that this is reflected throughout the UX / UI Design we produce.

We make your app and website live by our intuitive designs, making them more efficient, self-explanatory and more user friendly. Putting an effort to develop more vibrant user vision, and leading your app and website to success is what we believe in.

How We Do It

Before we get to actual canvas to do UI design we dive deep into a lot of Research and Study followed by UX process to create memorable experience for your brand.

Our Design Process Includes
  • Research & Analysis

    User Interviews, Focus Group DIscussions, Use cases & Personas creation, Competition Analysis, Current Digital & Mobile Assets Analysis, Brand Guidelines & Objectives

  • Conceptualisation

    Storyboarding - Wireframes / Sketches and Conceptualisation :- Information Architecture

  • UI Design

    High fidelity Mockups, Prototyping and Usability Testing / Analysis

  • Ui Development- Web

    Resolution definition & UI Dev strategy, Responsive UI Dev (Bootstrap / angular JS), QA & testing and UAT

See our detailed UX/UI Process for Mobile & Web

Our UX / UI Design process also includes Creative Copy direction. For us at Two55am Studiio the mobile app or website is not only design driven; creative copy and the right content flow also add the impact on the final product. A solid content development strategy is the cornerstone of any successful product. We believe; it's the creative & engaging copy that cultivates visibility and longevity on your products and it complements the entire UX / UI Design process.

That Extra Touch

Every product created by us is unique and holds a special value. Once your product has come alive after UX / UI, we add ‘That Extra Touch’ where the Real Magic happens. At this stage, we detail out every minute function, animation, pops & slide, making sure that everything works to perfection and beyond, just the way we like it! Here’s when we turn an already spectacular, pixel-perfect product into a dazzling, exemplary work… la nostra strada!

Did you notice how engrossed and engaged you are on our website?

That’s the magic of ‘That Extra Touch’.

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